nepal - kathmandu

Eathier before or after the trek you should set aside a few days for exploring the bazaars and temples of Kathmandu and the nearby cities of Patan and Bhaktapur.

IMG 2462-01z  KTM - Durbar Square IMG 2349-01z PA100078 IMG 6306-01
IMG 1228-01z IMG 1123-01 IMG 1170-01z IMG 2313-01z
PA100073 IMG 2431-01 IMG 6269-01 IMG 7682
IMG 2592-01z IMG 1381-01z IMG 2324-01z P9220194z
P9220259z IMG 2758-01z IMG 2645-01z IMG 2676-01
PA140369z IMG 8216z IMG 1376-01 P9220181z
IMG 1383-01z PA140389z IMG 8485z IMG 8477z
IMG 8285z PA140418 IMG 8353z IMG 7596-01
IMG 6323-01z PA160501z IMG 7690 IMG 8591z
PA160497z PA100093 IMG 8030z IMG 8007z
PA120199 PA130249